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Here are some free BLUE MOON MP3s for you to enjoy and download:
Oo Baby (partial lo-fi clip) An original Texas swing number written and sung by Sandy

(Walkin' That) Purple Line (partial lo-fi clip)

The Coming Home Song (partial lo-fi clip)

Last Last Call (partial lo-fi clip)

Long Black Veil (partial lo-fi clip)

Fishin' Blues (partial lo-fi clip)

How Does the Noble Hawk Die? (partial lo-fi clip)

On Your Way (partial lo-fi clip)

Mel@ncholy Baby (partial lo-fi clip)

Darlin' (partial lo-fi clip)
In honor of Bob Dylan's upcoming 65th birthday (May 24, 2006), we are posting, for just a limited time, MP3s of several Bob Dylan covers done by Blue Moon:
Boots of Spanish Leather (complete song)
Tryin' to Get to Heaven (complete song) Live in-studio radio performance on WCOJ, The Bill Moffett Show, from the Blue Moon archives